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There are no pretty videos for you to watch here...

I want you to FOCUS on the words...


meSome of what you read here will sound rather rude & blunt. There may even be a few curse words here and there. But, I am real... So you either like me or you don't. I am not going to act fake so that more people like me. I am just going to shoot straight, and be honest with you. That is really about the best I can do... Trying to be fake, takes more time and energy, then just being real.

So, love me or hate me... The truth follows.

First off...

What you read here will result in one of two outcomes for you.

Be honest with yourself... If you plan to keep doing the same thing... just leave this page now. There is no reason for you to be here.

If you are still here...

I want you to truly think about all of the sales pages, etc... you have read in the past.

How many people so far have shown you proof?

No, I don't mean silly fake Clickbank screenshots.

I mean REAL proof!

I will guess that the answer is zero...

Until now...


That is just some PayPal stuff... there is a lot more that happens outside of PayPal.

So here is the deal...

bullLook at the "REAL" stuff you see above, or keep believing the bull@#$% you hear, and see every day about making money online.

Look, I am a person that gets bored very easily... Which is actually one reason people love me. Because they will continue doing something I told them about, that I was testing, and BAM! They start, and continue to make money!

Many of the things I have taught people, talked about, or have done, and became bored with, could make a person a millionaire.

Wouldn't you like to hear some of it?

You will actually be surprised to learn who one of the people that I taught in the past is. But keep reading, you will find out soon...

Now, normally to pick my brain, I would charge someone $2,000 at a minimum.

Do you know why?

Because I am an introvert... I am very happy living in my own world. The world that is right inside my head. There are a lot of things going on in there at any given time of day.

Not to mention... time is money. The more time I spend one on one with someone, the more money I stand to lose.

brianOn the other hand... Brian, my friend and business partner. He loves to talk to people and socialize.

Talk... and talk... and talk... and talk...

Yeah he is a TALKER... damn Brooklyn, NY people...


Back to the subject at hand...

I can tell you straight off the bat, that money I have made, is not as much as all these fly by night people, if we are talking short term income.

Long term income, Brian and I have both blown them out of the water!

The most I have ever made on a product launch for example, was $130k after affiliates were paid. That may or may not sound like a lot to you. The reality is...

That it is peanuts... peanut

But, the difference is... and also what is even more amusing...

I don't think I have ever pushed any affiliates to promote the products I created or sold. They just jumped on, because they knew it was real, and it was selling like crazy.


On a side note: Blackhat forums (if you know what those are) loved to steal my stuff, because they knew it worked!

I probably could have done launches that were over $1,000,000, easily, if I actually spent the time to ask more affiliates to promote those products!

But, there is another issue... I am not a very material person. What that means is, I don't get wrapped up in material things. Money is not the be all, end all for me. I like things to be... peaceful...

spiritualWhen I say peaceful, I don't mean I am a hippy tree hugger, who likes to sniff oils and rub rocks together...

I just mean, I enjoy solitude..., I don't do much with it.

I live more for the challenge of beating the BIG BAD search engines, or just proving a theory I have works. The money is just a result of my work, a fruit of my labor.

In the past, I would typically move on to the next challenge, after I conquered the previous one.

There were a few things I did do with money though...

  •  I wanted a Chrysler 300c, I bought it...
  •  I wanted a house, I bought it...
  •  I wanted to get my eyes fixed, I did it....
  •  I wanted my kids, and my wife to get whatever they wanted.... they have it...

After that, it was back to just enjoying the challenge again!

Although I do like eating out, and being able to go wherever I want. I also enjoy not sweating every time a bill arrives.

Now Brian on the other hand... he has the need for speed, so he has an addiction to Drag Racing... That hobby is not cheap! But, he is single, so he loves toys. He is still like a little kid at heart when it comes to toys. Yes those are his toys in the image below. However, we are both Mopar guys, so could someone please make fun of him in the bootcamp for running Chevy bodies?



I myself, just enjoy sitting in my house working on new projects. My mind needs to stay busy, or I go crazy!

Although, I am known to enjoy fishing quite a bit!

But money and knowledge is what you are here for... and you can do whatever you want with yours, after you make it!

People ask me all the time...

"Don... People respect you, they know that you know your shit... Why aren't you doing more? We don't want to deal with these stupid, so called Gurus anymore!"

I actually do a lot, all the time... But I don't create products that you see all over launch boards anymore.

The reason is simple... it is two fold actually...

For one thing, I am a true introvert...

The second reason is... I DON'T HAVE TO...

I still get phone calls from time to time from companies that I totally ignore, because I don't have to answer them. Neither does Brian, but remember he likes to talk, so a phone will never ring, that he won't answer!

I am not trying to sound arrogant though, by saying that I don't have to. I just worked so hard for so long, and so has Brian, that we aren't dependent on putting out 27 products a year. Lead Gadget is a Software as a Service product (SaaS) that is actually the core of our business.

But if we really want to talk reality...

I sit here and think about some of the past things I have done. I mean, if I could pull up a lot of the conversations I have had over the years online, you would find out that a very large number of these GURUS, (The ones that know everything) learned it from me.

I would bet, that 50% of the people you receive emails from, started off on the Warrior Forum years ago, buying products I created. I know people that have been on my list, or purchased a product from me in the past, already know this. Especially with some of the things I released specifically between 2008 and 2013.

Blah blah blah...

We know you rock Don! We know that you know damn near everything there is to know about Marketing online, etc... So what the hell is this IMBootcamp.Tech really about?

So here is the deal...

We are going to help you! We are going to allow people to join us on a special journey for the next 3 months. This journey will be in the form of an Internet Marketing Bootcamp, where we will show you just how we do it!

We are going to go after multiple income streams!

...and you are going to see it all unfold!


There is also a lot more we will get into. Along with tips, tricks, and knowledge that you just won't find anywhere else.

What that means is:

IM Bootcamp will give you the tools you need to succeed, because Brian and I don't know how to fail! O.k... maybe that really wasn't totally honest. We know how to fail! We have done it several times! So we want to save you, by sharing our knowledge.

Look through my track record alone. You will find a lot about me if you do the searches. Hell, I recommend you do your homework and, spend some time doing this before you make your decision! I won't blame you!

But if you spend the time searching, you will soon find out that I am the reason a lot of what you see right now on JVZoo, etc... is where it is today. I changed the internet landscape with some of the products I released.

Don't believe me... Listen to the CEO of JVZoo right now!

Sorry for the quality... But, do you realize what you just heard Bryan Zimmerman, the CEO of JVZoo say? If it wasn't for the help I gave him when he started out, JVZoo wouldn't be possible!



Do you think Bryan Zimmerman is hurting for money as the CEO of JVZoo?

If I could help him, do you think I could help you?

Now throw my business partner Brian into the mix, and all of his knowledge will be shared as well. So you now get to double down!

So here is your chance!


This bootcamp isn't for the faint of heart. We will expect you to ask questions, we will expect you to learn! If you are just looking for another shiny object to buy, and not use, don't bother. We don't want you to join!

We are going to be spending a lot of time and energy on this! If you are not going to work at it, and learn from it, we will be a little... no... not a little... we will be REALLY annoyed!

This Bootcamp will last 3 months. There will be content 3 times per week. That is 36 different pieces of content for the training itself. Not counting the amount of time we will spend answering questions, and helping every person in the bootcamp.

Not counting the content we will add, to clear up those same questions, in the form of audio, video, or detailed answers.

There will also be 6 LIVE Q&A sessions! 2 Live Q&A sessions every month for the next 3 months!

This will be an intense experience, so be prepared. We plan to make sure you know what you are doing, and have the ability to go out on your own, and just do it!

We will even take some niche ideas from some of you, and work them into the the training.

The best thing is, we are starting from scratch! So you get to follow along from the beginning!

Yes... we do have an underlying agenda!

We aren't doing this just for the hell of it. I can go kick rocks around the driveway, if I want something to do just for the hell of it! Brian, can go to the drag strip and run 5.00 ETs all day, for the hell of it!

We are looking for people to succeed! We want your testimonials! We want to put your success stories into videos that we plan to release at the end of this year, or the beginning of next year. We want a massive number of success stories, so that we can use them in advertising of our training, and our SaaS platform.

So yes we have an agenda... One that you definitely benefit from!

Because we have a vested interest in your success!

So now you have a decision to make. Join us on this journey, or keep doing the same thing you're doing right now!

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Time is ticking... don't let this opportunity slip away!

The Bootcamp KICKS OFF Monday August 15th @ 8PM EDT!
But Everything is Recorded, So if the Timer Hasn't Hit Zero,
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IMBC - Internet Marketing Bootcamp



Remember, we have a vested interest in your success. So we want you to succeed. I bet you will never get another chance like this. Actually I know you will never get another chance like this, because I (Don) am the one that wrote what you are seeing here.

I plan to share everything I can in the next 3 months, and so does Brian. I do mean everything possible. You will get golden nuggets in every single thing we post!

So grab your seat, and learn from two of the best!


By clicking the button below, and purchasing access to,
you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.

This is a 3 month subscription. 3 monthly payments at $97.00


The Bootcamp KICKS OFF Monday August 15th @ 8PM EDT!
But Everything is Recorded, So if the Timer Hasn't Hit Zero,
You can Still Join!

IMBC - Internet Marketing Bootcamp